Our History

Swiss Hydrogen Power was founded in 2008 as a subsidiary of Belenos Clean Power Holding to develop and market electrolysis products and services.

In 2007

Nicolas G. Hayek founded Belenos Clean Power Holding. Key partners included companies such as Swatch Group Ltd, Deutsche Bank, Hayek Engineering, Groupe E, ETHZ, Paul Scherrer Institute and the Ammann Group. The goal was to develop a complete clean energy chain for mobility, starting with solar energy harvesting, including energy transformation and storage, and culminating in an efficient zero-emission powertrain for vehicles.

Since 2008

Development of a highly efficient fuel cell system running on hydrogen and pure oxygen (H2/O2 fuel cell)

Since 2011

  • Development of H2/air fuel cell systems for mobile applications
  • Redesign of H2/O2 fuel cell systems for stationary applications
  • Development of patented PEM electrolysis system to produce hydrogen and oxygen directly at elevated pressure (30+ bar). This system has the size of a washing machine and can be installed in the house or garage of a fuel-cell car owner.

In July 2015

The core fuel cell technologies from Belenos Clean Power Holding were transferred to Swiss Hydrogen Power and the company was taken over by Groupe E with a new investor. The company was renamed Swiss Hydrogen SA and is now commercialising a wide range of hydrogen fuel cell and hydrogen-based products and services.