What we do

Swiss Hydrogen SA develops clean energy solutions for a variety of applications. The common factor is hydrogen! When produced using renewable energy, hydrogen becomes the ultimate clean energy vector, permitting zero-loss storage, simple scalability, and zero-emission electricity production. At Swiss Hydrogen, we strive to deliver tailor-made, turn-key solutions.

Fuel cells – mobile applications

  • H2/air fuel cell systems in the range of 5 to 100 kW, suitable for vehicles of all sorts: cars, trucks, buses, boats, aircraft, material handling equipment and heavy machinery such as construction equipment
  • Customized vehicle system integration, including:
    • Fuel cells
    • Hydrogen storage tanks
    • Dedicated power electronics
    • Other components as needed
  • Design and integration of complete power trains and optimised hybridisation strategies

Fuel cells – stationary electricity generation

  • H2/O2 fuel cell systems from 10 kW to multi-megawatt. Applications include:
    • Backup power (UPS), including customised integration into existing UPS systems with dedicated connection to on-grid or off-grid power electronics
    • Renewable energy storage (power-to-gas)
    • Grid management / smart grid services
  • Optimised design of hydrogen and oxygen storage based on analysis of real energy requirements

Hydrogen and oxygen production by water electrolysis

  • This is the cornerstone of the clean hydrogen economy. Starting with water and renewable energy, water electrolysis provides a highly scalable means of producing hydrogen and oxygen. Easily stored with zero loss, these gases then power fuel cells for the entire range of fuel cell applications. Swiss Hydrogen proposes:
  • Pressurised electrolyser systems in the range of up to 10 kW at 30 bar; larger capacities under development
  • Design of hydrogen and oxygen storage per customer specifications
  • Consulting services for the design, construction and operation of hydrogen fuelling stations